About Marvesta

With Marvesta, you can experience unparalleled quality, taste and convenience provided by our fresh, domestic and environmentally friendly shrimp. Expect Greatness.

At Marvesta Shrimp Farms, we are committed to consistently providing the freshest, most environmentally friendly and healthiest shrimp to market. Founded in 2002, Marvesta has implemented a zero-exchange indoor system that efficiently eradicates all potential “pitfalls” commonly associated with traditional shrimp farming techniques. Typical issues often pertain to environmentally detrimental aspects: the destruction of mangrove forests, nitrification and eutrophication of coastlines, by-catch associated with trawling techniques, subsequent killing of sea turtles, and discharge common to other forms of aquaculture, along with numerous other adverse effects that deplete our resources and irrevocably destroy our fragile environment.
Marvesta is a domestic shrimp farm, strategically located on the East Coast in Maryland. The vast majority of shrimp consumed in the United States is frozen for a prolonged period of time as it is imported from far expanses of the world. After an extensive journey across the globe, there is no telling exactly what went into the harvesting, preservation and handling of the shrimp.

You deserve to know precisely where, when, and how the shrimp you consume was delivered to the table.

Fresh shrimp is attainable from a variety of domestic shrimp farms within the United States, but such products are traditionally only available on a seasonal basis. Marvesta’s indoor design, however, allows us to provide year-round fresh domestic product to our customers overnight.


Why Marvesta?