logo-220Founded in 2003, Marvesta Shrimp Farms was the brainchild of a deep-seated desire to offer an alternative to imported shrimp. At this time, aquaculture was a terrain still yet to be explored, but the founders identified the exquisite potential of the industry and proactively and dutifully embarked on an adventure that would change not only their lives, but the lives of their consumers and the entire shrimp industry.

Though one might say they are reinventing the wheel by recalibrating traditional methods of shrimp farming in favor of a more advanced model, Marvesta does not stand alone in the effort to develop and proliferate the concept of indoor, sustainable shrimp farming. However, their reputable backgrounds, in-depth knowledge, youthful determination, extensive resources and inherent entrepreneurial spirit continues to distinguish them among their competitors and cements their status as premier leaders in the aquaculture industry.

Their success in the past decade has enabled the rare opportunity to expand and redefine their business model by partnering with RDM Aquaculture, LLC, thereby branching out within various sectors of the United States and incorporating commercial farmers into the harvesting process.