Process: Why Marvesta?

Marvesta Shrimp Farms utilizes a zero-exchange aerobic heterotrophic system (ZEAH) which maximizes usable grow-out space and in turn allows for the maximization of shrimp per meter cubed.

Marvesta’s Process begins with the water we use. Water from the Atlantic is tanked and filtered down to below 50 microns and run through a UV filter (which remove unwanted bacteria, algae and viruses).  We do not add anything or alter the water in the slightest—it remains in its purest form (no hormones or antibiotics). This allows the shrimp to thrive in an environment similar to the one they inhabit in the wild.

Our post-larvae are raised in Florida and are SPF (specific pathogen free) certified. They are shipped to us when they are between 10 and 17 days old. Upon receipt, we check the animals’ vitals and acclimate them to our water’s temperature, pH, and DO. The post-larvaels are raised in juvenile tanks for 40-60 days on a high protein-based Zeigler Brothers feed. Upon adequate growth, the juvenile shrimp are transferred to larger grow-out tanks.
The juveniles will stay in these grow-out tanks until their harvest 90-100 days later. During final grow-out, complete water quality management occurs in conjunction with daily feeds as well as monitoring of shrimp weight and health. These processes will take place on a consistent basis until the shrimp are ready for market.

When of market size, the shrimp become available for sale. Your order is then placed. The shrimp are harvested either individually or in bulk, depending upon order size, and packaged. Packages are picked up every afternoon and arrive at your door, Fresh and Environmentally Friendly, the very next day. We look forward to your patronage and your enjoyment of fresh, premier shrimp.

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