Marvesta Partnership with RDM, LLC


In February 2013, Marvesta Shrimp Farms partnered with Indiana-based RDM Aquaculture LLC to establish a grower program that enables commercial farmers with the space, resources and interest to cultivate on-site fresh shrimp. This innovative franchise method enables the development and expansion of domestic aquaculture while promoting the benefits of healthy, environmentally friendly shrimp

After 10 years of successful shrimp production from their Maryland-based farms, Marvesta understands the importance of infiltrating the shrimp market in other sectors of the United States. Their alliance with RDM, a family-owned business located in Indiana, has allowed for widespread expansion while [...]

Potential Growers Consider Idea of Shrimp Farming


CAMBRIDGE, Md. — Packed into a conference room at the Cambridge Airport on a Saturday, nearly 40 people gathered on March 23 to learn more about Marvesta Shrimp Farms and to consider the possibility of becoming shrimp farmers themselves. “If the money’s there, it’s something different to get into,” said Josh Harding, a farmer from Rhodesdale, Md., who is considering aquaculture to diversify his operation and came to the meeting for more information.

Guy Furman, owner of Marvesta, talked to prospective growers about how committed he is to providing fresh, environmentally friendly and healthy shrimp on a consistent basis [...]

Video on Maryland Indoor Shrimp Farm – America’s Heartland


Marvesta Launches New Website


We’re excited to release the updated Marvesta Shrimp Farms website. We worked with Grp21, based in Chicago, to design and develop the new latest version. The website is responsive, designed to be optimal for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Please send any feedback to [email protected] [...]