Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Q. Why should I buy Marvesta shrimp?
A. Beyond quality and taste, Marvesta is the fresh, environmental friendly, domestic alternative to the frozen imports that litter your grocer's freezer.
Q. What is the delivery protocol?
A. All Shrimp will be delivered via FED EX over-night for guaranteed arrival by 3:30pm local time. For an additional charge, the package can arrive by 10:30am.
Q. Which days are available for delivery?
A. Delivery is available Tuesday - Saturday (delivery is available on Saturday for an additional fee); standard shipping rates apply.
Q. How are the shrimp packaged?
A. All shrimp are packaged in a specially designed insulated foam box with frozen gel Packs. No ice or dry ice is used. The foam box is set in a corrugated box containing Marvesta literature.
Q. Are the shrimp frozen when shipped?
A. Marvesta shrimp are always fresh, never frozen. The shrimp are placed in ice immediately upon harvest and are packaged by 3pm daily. The shrimp typically arrive within 24 hours of harvest to ensure optimal freshness.
Q. Do I have to be home to receive my package?
A. No. Packages will be left at single residency homes. Apartment and Condo deliveries must be received by a person or have an office where the package may be delivered.
Q. Can I pick up shrimp at your facility?
A. At this time Marvesta does not operate a store front operation.
Q. Is it possible to tour your farm and experience the process?
A. Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of the shrimp and the bio-security of our system, we are not able to allow visitors on-site or provide tours to the public.
Q. Where else can I buy Marvesta shrimp?
A. Currently, Marvesta shrimp are being used by a number of high-end restaurants throughout Maryland. Please reference our contact page to inquire about specific delivery options. Marvesta is also in the process of exploring supplying gourmet grocers with fresh shrimp.
Q. Do investment opportunities exist?
A. All inquiries about potential investment are valuable; please contact us at [email protected]. Please also read up on our most recent expansion, the new farmer program initiative.
Q. . Are there any employment opportunities?
A. Please e-mail [email protected] for applications and job inquiries.